Hello Autumn

Autumn is finally here…

Let’s dance in the rain, let’s run through the leaves and let’s be grateful for the air that we breathe!

Even though the colder weather has now hit us, everything else about Autumn screams out warmth and positivity. The crisp air makes us get out our big cosy jumpers, hats, scarves and coats and makes us retreat into coffee shops to drink relentless cups of hot chocolate with marshmallows and the odd bit of cake (when I say odd bit i mean lots!).

Autumn is about cosy nights in watching your favourite movies, eating good hearty meals, lighting scented candles, wrapping yourself up in big fluffy throws, spending time with your family and you can even have more hot chocolate if you want it…I highly advise it!

Warming your Autumn up one candle at a time.

Cozy autumn morning breakfast in bed still life scene. Steaming cup of hot coffee, tea standing near window. Fall, Thanksgiving concept. White pumpkins, pine cones and oak leaves on wool plaid.

Although I’m not one for the cold, I really do like the feeling Autumn brings and lying in the house at night listening to the wind howling and the rain pitter pattering off of the window fills me with a feeling of calmness and security. It’s the time of year that I start to take more time out for myself and read all my old favourite books that have started gathering dust and I’ll even treat myself to some new ones as well. Watching the leaves change colour and fall to the ground brings about that feeling of gratitude for life and is refreshing to see that change has always got positives.

Although new resolutions, goals and self-reflection are more associated to the start of the new year (can’t believe it’s going to be 2021 soon…gosh!) I myself like to take some time out and look back at the year so far and think about what I’ve achieved, what I’ve learned and what I would like to do over the year ahead.  I think that by looking at all the positive things you have done and achieved and also the things you feel that you want to work on at this time of year allows you to have more time to reflect and make an action plan before the new year hits us in the face like a big snowball! Think of it this way, if you do the planning now then you can sit back and relax and enjoy the Christmas and new year festivities without worrying about what direction you are heading in…wouldn’t that be great!?

Get wrapped up. Enjoy the crisp air. Watch heartfelt movies and wait for it…drink as much hot chocolate and cinnamon lattes as you like!

Happy Autumn everyone!

Nikki xo

There is Always… (Poem)

There is always light in the darkest of places
There is always hope when you fall to pieces
There is always a gentle hand to keep you safe
and pick you up when you fall down.

There is always a shadow that you can follow,
that will help you turn your world around.
There is always a path that will give you strength
and show you the courage that you have gained.
There is always gratitude to be felt each day
even if it’s not your brightest day.

There is always time for you to mend
and you’ll keep battling until the end.
You’ve been so brave and you should be proud
your life has been a battle ground.
Keep moving forward and don’t look back,
there’s only ghosts that will set you back.

Each and every step you take,
will get you closer to the life you’ll make.
And one of these days you will win the war
and freedom and peace will be yours once more.

Nicola Louise Blair, 2019 ©

Emptiness – Poem

There’s no place to suffer
no going away
It’s dark in here
all of my days.

Nothing to feel
and nothing to see
except for the haze that is following me.

Everything feels wrong
but nothing seems real
everything’s distorted and out of focus to me.

No shining lights or kind words felt,
the beauty of life is wasted on me.

I feel nothing inside 
and I’m drifting away
the emptiness inside widens by day.

The dark hole that has swallowed me up
has taken my life
and all that I hold dear, in my mind.
Detached from everyone and my thoughts
this emptiness inside has really got me caught.

Nothing is what I continue to feel
until this depression has shifted from me.

Nicola Louise Blair, 2019 ©

The Beauty of Nature – Poem

Leaves dance a ballet in the billowing winds,
Snowflakes glisten as they float to our skin.
Rain drops sparkle as they fall from the sky
and the sunshine that beats down, brings everyone alive.

The true beauty of nature is brightened by a rainbow
and the magic of its colours are, truly, delightful.
Rainbows represent hope, love and compassion;
and smiles, awe and joy are formed by its creation.
The wonder of the rainbow fills us with gratitude – 
a gratitude for the world, the world that we live in.

Night time is brought to a beautiful end
when the sun fades away
and a sunset ascends.
Sunsets promise a new beginning,
a beginning that brings: peace, harmony and belonging.
Sunsets allow us to connect to ourselves
and helps us to cherish these moments
with others, as well.
Sunsets fade away the emotions of the day
and fill us with warmth and gratitude, for getting through today.

The picturesque sunrise soon emerges
and brings about strength, courage and excitement:
What will today bring and what adventures will arise?
That’s what a new day is for – to bring about surprise.
Breath-taking colours illuminate the horizon
and break through the darkness, that’s in the past now.
Birds are now awake and singing their enchanting songs
and brighten our awareness of the world that we belong.
A fresh page is created for us to explore today
and hopefully by the end, we will value what we have each day.

Nicola Louise Blair, 2019 ©